Monday, June 28, 2010

"Camp Clean-up"

Submittted by Linda
Many of you know from past posts, that I am a fan of the flylady. She has a website that is dedicated to helping folks get organized, 15 minutes at a time. Though sometimes it's a bit goofy, I have found her advice to be super helpful. She talks about developing daily routines, going on quick cleaning 'missions', and gives great suggestions for tackling big jobs.

During most summer vacations, I try to clean out my cabinets and refresh my house. Last summer, because of various activities and trips, I never ended up making much progress. So my house is long overdue for a thorough purging. So this summer, my cleaning theme is "Camp Clean-up"!

You who have visited my home would say it is tidy and clean. We have people over frequently, so Craig and I try to keep up on the house. However, many of those hidden cabinets and closets are jam-packed and overflowing. Case in point: my closet!
Now, I'm sure Craig does not appreciate me posting our dirty laundry, literally, but in the name of honesty and authenticity, I'll admit, "My closet is a giant mess!"

One of the flylady's best suggestions is when cleaning out a closet ( a big job), do it in little pieces. Don't take everything out in one sitting, or you'll end up with a giant mess and become totally discouraged. So I usually pull out what I can deal with and put back away in an hour. Then I have the option to keep going or not, without having my entire closet spread out all over the bed.

Well, last week I kept going and going and going! Here are some before and after pics. In this picture, all the stuff on the shelf on the right is scarves and purses/totebags.
After: The scarves are neatly tucked into shoe boxes standing on their sides. Believe it or not, I got rid of scarves, totebags, purses and hats. I even used my Big Shot Top Note to label my sweater boxes (top left of picture). Cute!
This part really is embarrassing. I'll admit that my closet is a mess, but it usually isn't this terrible. Remember that this week I had my last day of school, and Nick's graduation, so the mess really exploded! On the floor you can see shoes, laundry, and luggage, among other things.
Here comes the 'after' picture....wait for it......
Much better, right?

Another piece of advice from the flylady, is to NOT go out and buy a bunch of organizing supplies (tubs, containers, etc.) until you know what you need. Otherwise you may not have what you need, or you'll feel guilty every time you see all your organizing supplies that you haven't used.

After I was mostly done, I wondered why I had never gotten some kind of shoe rack, instead of having a silly pile of shoes! Off to Target I went, where I purchased this shoe rack, and a skirt hanger. I came right home, set it up, and I'm DONE!
Here's the best part! I have 5 bags to give away! So satisfying!
So in the name of inspiration, I want all of you to spend 15 minutes cleaning out a drawer or shelf! Like the flylady says, "Babysteps!"

Footnote: Since I wrote this I cleaned out my dresser, and my entire kitchen!!! My giveaway pile is huge now and all the crumbs are out of the silverware drawer.

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Catharina said...

I love FlyLady! Now, I need to babystep my office tonight.... Here's to 15 minutes!