Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome Baby Olive!

Submitted by Linda
I'm starting to understand how 'old' people get stuck in the past. As I've been working on Nick's graduation video, I've come across old pictures that don't seem so old. Here is (Left to Right) Cousin Kari, Cousin Tiffany, Tommy (who graduated last year), Courtney, and Baby Nick (who will graduate in June). This picture was taken in '92.
How time flies! Fast forward to this past Sunday, when I got to meet my niece Tiffany's 2nd child, Olive Joy. Her name means 'peace' - and when I visited with her she was very peaceful. I'm sure Tiff and Jeff are hoping that she will continue to live up to her name!
She's a beautiful baby born to a wonderful mommy. I can't believe I'm a great-aunt! Here I am with Olive and big brother Zeke (whose name means "strength").
Such special times! My best advice to Tiffany and Jeff (and all the young parents out there) is to savor every moment. Even though those days with young children seem so long, time really does fly by!


Tiff said...

It was so great to see you the other day! Thanks for spending time with us. :)

kate wallace said...

I want to meet her! I love you Olive even though I haven't met you yet!