Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pergola Panic and Party Countdown #3!

Submitted by Linda (with Michelle in town!)
Here's just a few of the many bags of "beach pebble" rocks. Good thing I have strong boys to help Craig load them in and out of the truck. Now Craig is working his magic......
Toby isn't working too hard- she's doing her usual dog thing. You can see the flowers are not yet planted.
As for the pergola, we still need the equipment.....
Remember I mentioned those "other jobs" the get done before we have an event? Nick is cleaning out a bookshelf from the "man cave". We recently discovered that Nick is a great cleaner - the other day he was so sick of all the expired condiments in the fridge that he cleaned out the entire fridge. He's going to make some girl a great hubby some day.
At quitting time, here's the pergola. The beams up top are just laying up there so that we could visualize the finished pergola!
I still haven't mentioned much about the menu, but I will tell you that yesterday my parents and I made a truckload of yummy potato salad. Also, when chef Michelle came, we bought some beautiful veggies for grilling. Stay tuned.........

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