Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Party Countdown and Pergola Panic!

Submitted by Linda
For several years, I have been dreaming of a pergola in the back corner of my yard, large enough to hold a wooden swing, to serve as a functional focal point for the back yard. I had always loved the palm trees, but the plants between them never seemed to do that corner justice.

Last summer, I even bought a swing on clearance, hoping that a large box in the garage would inspire the builders in my life to start building. I even mentioned it again after Christmas, that I was saving my Christmas cash for a pergola. Well, there seemed to be no intention to build a pergola until we got the dreaded note from Edison in February: The pretty queen palms that we had planted when they were just princess palms (haha), about 13 years ago were interfering with the power lines, and were to be removed at Edison's expense. Here you can see the team hired by Edison doing their thing:
One down, one to go.....At this point, Craig decided we needed a pergola! (These things always go much better when it's his idea!!!) Then, Craig set to work removing the trunks and root systems. What you see here is how it looked....until about a week ago.
After calling on our friend Hank, who is a building genius, and hiring a helper to dig 6 holes, we now have concrete poured and braces ready for the 6 x 6 beams. Am I concerned that this is where we're at, when "child #2's grad party" is 4 days away?
Actually, I'm not worried, because the Craig and Hank team have come through for me before. But I will keep you posted.

Another interesting thing about the way men's minds work (is this all men, or just mine?): When I plan a party or event at our home, all of a sudden things that weren't a problem suddenly are on the 'to do' list - I LOVE this! Things had piled up near the shed at the back end of our driveway, and in this picture, Nick is sawing up old pallets for firewood. He isn't always so helpful, but knowing that it's for his party, and the opportunity to use power tools got him on the helper bandwagon.
As for the pergola, Craig is taking some time off, and has some helpers lined up........I'll post an update tomorrow.

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