Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduation Party Version 2.0: Photo Montage and Banner

Submitted by Linda
When I'm planning a party, I love to go into all the party stores to see the offerings for my particular event. Though in no way am I "dissing" any store bought banners or signs, and though I will happily enjoy this type of decor at other parties, I much prefer the personal touch of making my own. (Wow! No matter how I say that, I still sound like a snob!)

Nevertheless, here are my 2010 versions of Nick's banner and photo montage (to see last year's, and get more specific directions click HERE). For Nick's banner, I used black, silver, and Stampin' UP's riding hood red DSP, rather than the CHS maroon. Why? Nick is headed for APU where the colors are Brick and Black, and I'm hoping that I can recycle this banner in 4 years when he (hopefully) graduates from APU. Is this wishful thinking?
When I was doing my spring "craft fair blitz", I came across this cool berry garland in deep green and white. You all know I put a seasonal garland up on my sideboard throughout the year, and in the summer, I really needed something to add to the grapevine and white lights. It will be perfect when I add my vintage July 4th banner and my back-to-school banner in September.
When I started to work on his montage, I remembered that last year I had used Creative Memories Large Photo corners, so I was simply able to pop out Tommy's pics and slide Nick's in. I changed the Bravo Burgundy year tags, and was done, lickety split!
Now a side note regarding the beverages at the party. Nick's only wish regarding menu and drinks were that we served old school sodas in glass bottles. So, I started buying them, and I attached this little red sticky note which meant "Hands off till the party!" I don't think it worked.


Gail Wallace said...

hahahahahaha! you have teenage boys - should have known better :)

Courtney said...

Love the banner! Excited to celebrate with you guys this weekend!

kate wallace said...

hahaha oh those boys...