Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation Party Version 2.0: The Invite

Submitted by Linda
One of the great bonuses of having children close together is that while I do something for child #1, I end up work out the kinks for child #2. Last year at this time you may remember my blogging frenzy about Tommy's graduation party. Well, it's that time again, this time for Nick. Above is the hand-stamped invite to his party. I used the same CHS colors, but definitely changed it up from Tommy's invite.

This year, I got smart and made the 'thank yous' at the same time (because really, can you send store bought "thank yous" after you send hand-made invites?) I really love this square shape and the embossed dots!
Last year at this time, Michelle and I had made portions of our "Italian Feast" ahead of time. Well, this year, we are making it a bit easier on ourselves, in terms of the cooking ahead. I will admit that I've baked 3 types of cupcakes and a large batch of my sugar cookies. Are you curious about the menu? Stay tuned........

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Veronica said...

In 3 yrs when it is time for Claudia's graduation, I will know where to look for help. :-)