Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Congratulations Kate!

Submitted by Aunt Linda
A little bird told me that a good graduation gift for my niece Katie would be a shout-out on her "favorite" blog. Though I'm not certain we really are her favorite blog, I do know that she is a faithful follower who leaves feedback often (which is so helpful for us bloggers to know what you all like, hint hint)! Katie (oops, I mean "Kate") just graduated from APU with a political science degree, and she spent several of her semesters abroad, her most recent being at Oxford. She opted for a "full tea" party theme as a nod to her recent term in England.
Just look at this spread of food. Kate recently adopted a gluten free diet, so some of the sandwich and scone offerings were gluten free.Those who have followed the blog for some time may remember a post I did quite a while back, where I posted a picture of me with Baby Katie. Here she is now with my almost grown boys! She looks like she could be a sister to them.
...and with her Uncle Craig.....
...and her parents.......
We couldn't resist this photo op! How many girls get to have a little fun with the president's portrait? Only the "first" daughter!
Congrats, Dear Katie! We know you have great things ahead of you!


Gail Wallace said...

Since she left for Jeremy's graduation at Gordon College not too long after her own, I'm not sure she's seen this yet. She will be tickled pink!

kate wallace said...

I love love love this post! Thank you! Ah! This IS my favorite blog!