Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend in Cmont

Submitted by Michelle

As many of you know, Celeste had surgery to extend the growth rod in her back during our Spring Break. Though she is never excited about being in the hospital, she was very apprehensive about this surgery so we made a deal: Celeste would have the surgery and as soon as she was well we would go see some sort of musical theater. Lucky for me, the drama department at Azusa Pacific University was putting on a production of Crazy For You 1 week after Celeste's surgery.
If you look closely, you can see Celeste's scar in the mirror.

So, off to Claremont we went but with a dual purpose. Not only would we see Crazy For You, I also arranged for Nick to meet my friend Carrie's daughter Samantha. I guess I should add matchmaker to resume!

On Saturday morning Carrie and Samantha drove in from La Quinta and Celeste and I introduced them to the Claremont Village. (Linda was hiking with friends.) Nick met us at Pizza and Stuff, my new favorite spot for lunch, and though he could have easily left us girls to shop after the meal, he decided to hang out with us while we checked out the Earth Day Celebration that was taking place. There was all kinds of tree-hugging, crunchy granola fun to be had!
Celeste made a bird feeder out of a plastic water bottle, a straw and lots of stickers.
She also had her face painted by this cute college girl who looks like she might need to audition for the next Pirates of the Carribean movie with her flowing tresses and buxom bosom.
She made origami animals with the Democrats...
and painted rocks for a school garden.
We even watched some wacky Claremont-McKenna students make a smoothie out of a bicycle powered blender, though none of us were brave enough to sample the "tire smoothie."
After enjoying the Earth Day celebration we moved on to shopping, oddly enough Nick was still with us. Linda met up with us at Stamp Your Heart Out where we had to take a photo of these adorable paper flowers.

While Celeste, Nick and Samantha went to check out some alpaca's that were in the hood for Earth Day,
Linda took Carrie and me to Wisteria Grove, an amazing gift and flower shop. Check out these arrangements!

Once our shopping was complete we had just enough time to freshen up and head to APU for the play.
Megan, Me, Linda, Danielle, Celeste

As is our tradition, Linda brought Danielle, one of her former students, to the play and we also invited our friend Stacey who brought her daughter Megan, also a former student of Linda's. Carrie and Samantha went too and since we had one extra ticket, Nick did us a favor and came along to enjoy the show.

This weekend Linda and Nick are coming to La Quinta for a visit. I'm not sure how I'm going to top animal loving Democrats and rock painting, but I'm sure we'll find something to do though I have the feeling Nick and Samantha may not want to hang out with us grown-ups this time around.

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