Saturday, March 20, 2010

There's a New COLOR in Town!

Submitted by Linda
So, Michelle and I had a perfectly fun day today! It began with a trip to Starbuck's, followed with a viewing of Pride and Prejudice on Craig's big screen T.V., and then an outing to downtown Claremont. We started with lunch at one of our faves, Le Pain Quotidien, then moved on to cruise through our 'must-see' shops. Those include a trip to Barbara Cheatley's and Stamp Your Heart Out. We both ended up finding some gifts for upcoming holidays, but our best stop of the day was at the new yarn store, COLORS 91711.
Now as a child, I learned how to knit and purl, but was limited to making discloths, which my mom, or Aunt Sara, or Grandma Klip always had to help me cast on and bind off. In recent years, when handmade scarves were popular again, I resisted the urge to add knitting to my list of hobbies, because I feared I would need another craft room to house the yarn I would be inspired to buy. So my strategy is to occasionally buy yarn, and commission my wonderful mom to whip me up a scarf! Michelle has never been a knitter, but also is blessed to have a mom who is a skilled knitter and felter.

We had been referred to the Colors store by Diane, one of our stamp club friends who is an accomplished knitter as well. I had been asking about a scarf she had made, and she suggested we go to Colors. When we got there it was the happiest surprise! Look at just one section of their beautiful yarn choices!
The middle of the store boasts a beautiful work table, where someone was knitting away on a project. This is where people can come for classes, or just to knit. It turns out, they've only been open a week, and their Grand Opening is coming in April!Here are Pat and Teresa, who helped us with our purchases, and were happy to even help us figure out needle sizes and how much to buy (not for us to knit, of course- Mom, if you're reading this I have another big favor to ask you!)
We had so much fun in there, we may just end up taking up knitting as our own hobby after all!

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LaWanna said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I've wanted to go pet yarn. I love the colors and the textures, and I've been looking for a new yarn store close by.