Saturday, February 20, 2010

Star Sighting

Submitted by Michelle
Those of you who are Facebook friends with me may remember that about a month ago I spotted Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in my Bikram Yoga class and posted it in my Facebook status. Well hang on to your hats celebrity lovers because I've done it again: star sighting number 2 on a Saturday night in the desert!
David, Celeste and I met our friends Carrie and Sam and their high school aged daughter Samantha at Ruby's Diner for dinner. Upon entering the restaurant who should I spy but Larry the Cable Guy. I'm not sure if he was filming a commercial or a spot for his TV show but there he was in all his hillbilly glory!
I knew I HAD to get a picture for the blog and was so pleased with myself because I actually had my camera in my purse. Celeste and David refused to go up to Larry with my and ask for a photo op. Luckily Samantha wasn't shy and I didn't have to go it alone.
Larry was really congenial and happily posed for photos. When I thanked him for letting us have a picture with him he said, "Thanks for asking."

When I got back to our table David pointed out that I don't actually know who Larry the Cable Guy is...which is true. I mean, I've seen him many times while cruising the channels at high speed, but I've never really watched his show. And I have to admit that I'm not sure if his show is a sitcom or a drama or a reality show and frankly, I don't care. I'm just glad to have another celebrity sighting under my belt and a photo to go with it.

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Carrie said...

I'm so glad i was there! It was an absolute hoot!