Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring has Sprung...sort of!

Submitted by Linda
So this is the view of the pouring rain and hail, outside in our backyard. It's another one of those crazy so-cal rainstorms that cause traffic problems and flooding in the burn areas. For me, I'm just happy it's happening on a weekend, which most people don't understand. But on a rainy weekday, I'm wrestling with 24 energetic 5 year olds, with no recess breaks for the kids, or their teacher!

Because February ends tomorrow, the teacher in me is all about removing any signs of valentines, and moving onto spring/Easter decor. Step one is this project:
I saw this idea in a magazine a few years ago, so I started blowing out eggs a few weeks back. I ended up with only 6, so I bought a bag of fake eggs at Michael's. When they're all mixed together, they look AOK, though I will continue blowing out eggs as the season continues. I found this wire basket at HomeGoods, and put a short, chunky vase in the middle. I put some excelsior in the bottom, and scattered the eggs around the vase. Add fresh flowers....and now I have my touch of spring!

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