Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Happiest Day This Year! (So far)

Submitted by Michelle (with most photos by Linda.)

You may remember that Celeste had major back surgery during the summer. In an attempt to make the hospitalization more palatable, I promised to take her to Disneyland in the fall, once she had recuperated. Fall came and went, as did the holidays, and I finally made good on my promise at the end of January.

Linda came with us, of course (!), as did Tommy and Nick. (We needed some muscle to push the wheel chair and lift Celeste from her chair onto the rides.)
We also met our fun front row friend Lisa there! She works for Disney and wanted to check out some of the newest attractions.
The last time I took Celeste to Disneyland it was all about the princesses. This time, though Celeste still wanted to see the princesses, she also was interested in the roller coasters and other rides which thrilled Tommy and Nick to no end. The very first attraction we went on was Space Mountain and the boys were amazed at how quickly we got to the front of the line due to Celeste being in a wheel chair.
Another fun ride was Autotopia, which surprisingly enough the boys HAD to go on even though they can drive real cars.
The princesses did make it into our day and Tommy and Nick were great sports about waiting for Celeste to get her face painted and then getting in line for an hour to see the princesses. Celeste's favorite, Cinderella, was on hand as were Aurora and Snow White.
Check out the fabulous face painting and the bling Celeste is sporting on her hand.
Snow White told Celeste that her dwarfs mine the gems that go into rings like Celeste was wearing. Snow White then noticed Tommy and Nick standing to the side with Linda and said, "Celeste, did you bring some of your dwarfs with you?? Is that Bashful and Grumpy?" The boys were obliged to pose for a photo, though they had swore up and down that they weren't going to be in any pictures with the princesses. (They also threatened my life if I posted the photos on Facebook. Good thing this isn't Facebook.)
Another great part of the day was going to California Adventure. Neither Celeste or I had ever been there so Tommy, Nick and Linda had a great time showing us around.
We really liked the big C for Celeste that was out front.

Celeste's favorite ride of the day was Tower of Terror. I absolutely hated it but was glad she had so much fun. We tried to ride California Screamin', a roller coaster that does a full loop, but Celeste wasn't tall enough. Fortunately, a Disney employee took pity on Celeste when she began to cry about not being able to ride the roller coaster and he gave us a pass to go to the front of any line in the park. We used it to ride Soarin' Over California and we loved it so much we got a fast pass and rode it again!!
This jellyfish ride about did me in after the Tower of Terror. I think I may have a fear of heights.
At the end of the evening Celeste was one happy little girl as we rode the tram back to the parking garage.

I'm so thankful that Celeste continues to do well physically after having surgery and that I was able to enjoy a day in the Magic Kingdom with her, Linda, Lisa, and the helpful dwarfs, Grumpy and Bashful.


Veronica said...

No matter how old you are, Disney is always a fun place to be. I love the pics and am happy to know Celeste had a great time.

Samantha said...

I think she is a little angel in your life, and you in hers! :) Love the pic's thanks for sharing!

kate wallace said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Cute pictures! And Tom and Nick don't look to unhappy to be standing next to Snow White!

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