Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tin O' Tags 2009 Version

Submitted by Linda
For 3 Christmases in a row, Michelle and I have made a "Tin O' Tags" for our friends and colleagues for Christmas. We squeeze 8 or 9 cute, cute, cute tags into a giftcard tin from Michael's, and then decorate the tin.

After Christmas 2008, I bought a bunch of the tins on clearance, so I was ready to roll for this year. The only problem, is making 9 tags each for over 50 tins!!! My math tells me that's about 450 tags!!!! So early in this holiday season, I started working, but I said to myself, "Next year I'm only doing a few tins!" Well, I already have to take that back! Everyone who receives the tins so enjoys the Christmas cheer that is crammed into that tin- and it's such an economic gift (if I don't take into account the time spent-after all, it is a labor of love).

So Michelle and I have already been thinking of a plan for Christmas 2010...maybe doing one tag a month, or cranking them all out in the summer. In the meantime, here's a look at the tags I made this year:
One of my goals was to use up some random supplies, including these metal snowflake brads:

Again, using up old supplies, like the snowman embellishment on the left:
I included a 3x3 envelope with this one:

This one is a winner- Santa's beard if puffy (liquid applique) and he has glitter on his hat!
Here are the tins with their tags in....ready for the lid and a ribbon on the outside.I am not planning to buy any tins now for next year...unless I find them super cheap. Maybe next year we'll use a cello bag and call them "Bag O' Tags" instead!

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kate wallace said...

i love these tags! such a good idea!