Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Linda's Christmas Tip #14

Submitted by Linda
I heard a radio ad recently that mentioned a 'disease' called HPS, or Holiday Perfection Syndrome. (I can't remember what they were selling...so I guess it wasn't too effective as a marketing strategy?!) Anyway, that funny acronym resonated with me, because we women feel pressure to do all things well all the time. And realistically, how can we do our regular life in December (working, cooking, bill paying, mothering, laundry) and then add the 47 extra parties, the wrapping, the baking, the shopping?

Well, I vote we give ourselves a break! We may have to say "no" to some events, some projects, and some traditions. My wish is for us to enjoy the season, and not have it fly by because we're hustling and bustling our December away.

I was reading about the tough economy and the pressure to give gifts, and I saw an interesting nugget in one of my magazines in the "etiquette" section. The question was how to handle gift- giving friends, when you can't afford to reciprocate. The first suggestion was to give that person a card, earlier in the season, so that they (hopefully) get the message that your greeting is in the form of a card. The other was suggestion was to simply say "Thank you", accept the gift, and don't worry about reciprocating. I know that when I'm preparing gifts for my friends or colleagues, it's not with the intent of getting anything back- I'm happy to give it regardless of whether or not they reciprocate.

So I guess my advice is this: In the name of avoiding HPS, let's slow down, relax and take off the pressure this season. Give gifts if you like, or don't. Like the Who's in Whoville learned, nothing we do will stop Christmas from coming- we may as well enjoy every minute of it!

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nanc' said...

I totally agree, Linda! Thanks for the good reminder. Have you read "Unplug the Christmas Machine"? It's a terrific book about how to celebrate the things that bring us the most joy and comfort during the season. Love to you!