Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Moments in Kindergarten

Submitted by Linda
One reason I love kindergarten, is that we are able to do all kinds of fun things! This graham cracker/milk carton 'gingerbread' house is great activity - but the prep can be a boatload of work (collecting the cartons, washing them out, hot gluing them to a paper plate, gluing on the 'walls', etc). Luckily my "big buddy" class's teacher, Mrs. K, is a ROCK STAR! I've been lucky enough to have both of her boys in kindergarten, and now we are class buddies! She and her student teacher prepped EVERYTHING for about 60 students to each make a house.Here is one of my students with her two big buddies!
I love this picture! This little friend of mine worked so hard to cover the side of his house with gummy bears. And I love his snowman!
Thank you, Mrs. K for making a sweet memory for our friends!

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nanc' said...

Hey Linda--My last year teaching I was able to get the milk cartons donated by a local dairy BEFORE they had milk in them. They were fresh and clean and lovely!