Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift Wrap Recall

Submitted by Linda
Last Christmas season, I posted a suggestion about buying solid color gift wrap, so that you a) can use all your pretty patterned ribbon and b) could potentially use it throughout the year for other occasions. Well, this time around I broke my own rule! Earlier in the fall I got a 'clearance' mailer from Current Catalog, and in it I found this cute, cute, cute polka dotted paper. It was dirt cheap, and also 'buy one get one free'! So I stocked up, and now that I'm starting to wrap my Christmas gifts, I have to 'recall' my statement about only buying solid papers!

Look at this pile of gifts! I think these polka dots are so cheerful. And in my stash of ribbon, I managed to find plenty of options to tie on these packages.
May all your gift wrapping be merry and bright!

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