Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Don't Say the "F" Word!

Submitted by Linda
Don't worry....I'm talking about the other "F" work, FRUITCAKE! My mom has always made a special fruitcake during Christmas time that has converted many a fruitcake haters to her recipe. Last Christmas, I found all the candied fruit on clearance at Stater Bros, so I decided to freeze it so that I could have a lesson (the ingredients are pretty costly, so it was nice find them on sale).

As I have thought about it, I decided that my mom's particular fruitcake needed a new name for all those folks who would like it, if they weren't turned off initially by that dreaded word....."fruitcake". I thought about "Fruity-Pecan Squares" or "Nutty Fruit Bars". I wondered about baking it in a muffin pan and calling it "Nutty Fruit Jumbles" (I opted out of the muffin pan idea- I wasn't sure if it would all stick together, or how long to bake it).

Fast forward to this week, when my mom came into town and we got to work. Here are some of the ingredients: pecans, candied fruit, dates.

We dumped it all into the mixing bowl....We added the batter, and mixed it 'by hand!' The secret to this recipe, is that there is no bitter citron flavor in it- the batter is sweet and is just enough to hold the pecans, fruit and dates together.
This recipe was in a 1970's Women's Day magazine, and the directions are to butter your pan, then line it with a brown paper bag cut to size. Nowadays, the recipe may call for parchment paper.
It bakes at 275* for 1 1/2 hours.We let it cool and flipped it onto a platter, and viola!
Here it is, sliced up and ready to taste!
I wish all of you could taste it, and give me your suggestion for a new name!

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Zazzu said...

Holiday Doorstop?

Totally kidding - I ADORE fruitcake. Yours looks a lot like my mom's. She made a bunch of them every year. They were particularly yummy after a nice long soaking in sherry.

Have a SuperFunHappy Christmas and New Year!