Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tip #15: Cans!

Submitted by Linda
Back in June, Michelle posted an entry featuring these darling cans. This Christmas, I was inspired to use them as an upgraded wrapping for gift cards. I still think these would be great for tiny gifts, candy, or for party favors.
In the past I've decorated them to coordinate with what's inside (tool paper for a Home Depot gift card, music note paper for a "can o'tunes", etc). But this time, I used cute Christmas themed scrapbook paper, and attached it using "sticky strip" (much stronger than a typical tape runner).
I did, however, coordinate the gift card with the wrapping on the one pictured below. I remembered that Stampin' Up had a cute set called "fashion statements" that had a bra in it. I don't own that set (really, how often does one need a stamp of a bra???), but wonderful friend (and SU consultant) Rachel found it among her 11 boxes of retired stamps for me to borrow! After I punched it with they eyelet punch, I layered it on pink Christmas tree paper, and I just love it.
This is not a project you want to rush. My suggestion would be to start saving cans as you use them (cut them open with a safety can opener- Pampered Chef has a nice one). Buy your Crystal Effects from Stampin' Up (to glue the lids back on), as well as your "Sticky Strip" (to attach the paper). Now you're ready to upgrade some cans....maybe in time for Valentine's Day!

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