Thursday, December 31, 2009


Submitted by Michelle
Yesterday Jennifer, my work compadre, and I took a road trip out of the desert and headed to the land of the rich and famous, Beverly Hills. Thomas Keller's newly opened restaurant was our destination and we were ready to hit the town LA style, complete with our dark shades incase the paparazzi caught wind of our plans.
On the way we made a stop at T Salon, a fabulous establishment that I've blogged about here. The last time I visited, T Salon was still under construction and they had a small, make shift shop for the interim. The permanent shop was well worth the wait. It is large, airy and eco-friendly, of course. I enjoyed a pot of Viva Mango, my favorite blend, and picked up a few presents for some of my front row friends.
After a quick stop at the shoe department of Barney's we made it to Bouchon for our lunch date with Wendy Betancourt, blogger (Pink Stripes) , foodie and lover of all things Bouchon.
For lunch Jen opted for the Steak Frites. The presentation was beautiful and the caramelized onion that encrusted the entire top of the steak was fantastic. The steak itself however, was a bit chewy and not as good as Jen remembered from her first trip to Bouchon in Las Vegas. Not wanting to be the annoying diner, she didn't complain but also didn't eat much of the steak. Our top notch server not only took note that Jen didn't eat much of her main course but also comped her meal after inquiring about Jen's satisfaction with her lunch.
My meal on the other hand, was as outstanding as it looked. I chose the roasted chicken with fingerling potatoes, button mushrooms and pearl onions. The crispy skin of the chicken encased the tender and juicy meat inside, and the brothy sauce was an excellent compliment to the meal, as well as my glass of Pinot Noir.
Two good lookin' gals ready to dive in!
Dessert was by far the best part of the meal. I ordered the Chocolate Bouchons and ate every bite of the Valrhona chocolate brownies and housemade vanilla ice-cream by myself.
Jennifer ordered the pot de creme and after devouring the shortbread cookies and butterscotch custard was tempted to lick every last taste out of the tiny little serving pot.
Our trek back to the desert was long and traffic-filled, but a fun day with friends and the fantastic food made it all worth while.

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