Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

Submitted by Linda

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

~Marcel Proust

I could make a long list of things I'm thankful for today. In this economy, I'm so thankful for my job, home, and especially my cute little red car. I'm blessed with healthy sons and a husband who loves to do laundry. Lately I am so grateful for the smaller blessings in my life....when someone surprises me with my favorite Starbuck's drink, or when mommies who don't have a kindergartner anymore still come to volunteer, or when I actually have time to read a favorite magazine.

One thing I have loved this past year is becoming a blogger with my pal Michelle. Can you believe we've been doing this for over a year? It has been so satisfying to document our projects, recipes and family events. When I was taking pictures of my tables earlier, Craig asked, "Do people really care about centerpieces?" I don't know if you all care about centerpieces, but it has certainly been fun for me to share it all. So if you follow the blog, or even just check in now and again, thank you for being the "charming gardeners"!

Now, onto the topic at hand: CENTERPIECES!!!! People who know me know that when I have people over, I must have tablecloths on all the tables. Secondly, I really love to have a centerpiece. I think I've mentioned before how I appreciate when others make the effort to have a creative centerpiece - so it's only fair that I make that same effort for my dear friends and family.

When I learned that I was to host a large group for Thanksgiving, my brain began percolating on the subject of centerpieces: "Hmmm......may not want flowers, can be too tall and complicate conversations"...."may not want candles - as my boys may make a waxy mess on the tablecloths"..."want the Martha Stewart look, without breaking the bank".....and so on.

Well, my table decor began with my dishes. Pictured below are my Grandma Roll's wedding dishes from the 20's. You may remember these from our very first post, introducing Front Row Friends. I rented ivory cloth napkins, and tied them with a beautiful 2 sided ribbon.
Now, onto the centerpieces. A few weeks back, I was walking with my usual walking pals, which includes Bonnie of Bonnie's Buddies. You may remember my post about her flowers and nativity. As we were walking, I was asking for centerpiece suggestions when she mentioned that she had ceramic leaves leftover from Claremont's Village Venture Craft Faire. These leaves are fabulous! Happily, I was able to borrow a bunch of them, and also the cool gold netting you can see below! And everything looks better with tealights.
Then, when I decided I need another component, I remembered Michelle's glittered pumpkins! I ended up using 4 tables, with 3 different sets of dishes. It took me awhile to iron the linens and wash up all those dishes, but I definitely think that Thanksgiving is "china-worthy".
Here's hoping you had a great day of giving thanks with your friends and family.

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Goosegirl said...

Hi Linda, I found your blog on your Facebook page. This is Sivje from WCC in Eugene. Your table settings are beautiful. I love Thanksgiving so much. We have much for which to be thankful, and are enjoying this holiday at my parent's house in Sparks, NV. I pray the Lord blesses you this season.