Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday, Nick!

Submitted by Linda
So for Nick's 17th birthday, he decided to take advantage of Disney's free birthday admission! I was so glad he invited his brother to go with him (it's amazing how much better they get along when one doesn't live at home!).
He also invited his friends Janelle and Allan to go too!
Eating fresh ears of ....candy corn!

N is for Nick.....
When our boys were little, we had annual passes to Disneyland, and I always teased them about having a picture taken with a princess. Well, today, finally he was forced into it!
I was not with them today at the "Happiest Place on Earth", but I couldn't resist posting Nick's photos. As the completely biased mother, I think he makes a really cute Prince Charming!

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