Thursday, October 8, 2009

Front Door Refresh for Fall

Submitted by Linda
For many years, I have put a Fall garland with lights around my front door, changing it in December to evergreen garland. Well, several years ago, I was feeling sad about taking down the garland and twinkle lights when January rolled around. My solution? Put a grapevine garland with white lights around the door and keep it up all year. My DH (dear husband) even put it on a timer so it goes on every night of the year! I know that not everyone thinks white twinkle lights are a "must have" during the entire year - but I've already resigned myself to ending up being one of those old ladies who wears way too much jewelry and keeps the Christmas twinkle lights up all year long!
Here is my year 'round version with the grapevine.
Here it is with the garland around the door, pumpkin lights, and the chicken wire cornucopia filled with gourds and mini pumpkins.
I gathered some old soda crates out of Craig's domain (garage) and set up this cute little scene in my red wagon. It think it looks very welcoming and festive!
Bring on the trick or treaters!

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Lucy said...

I LOVE your front door decor. It's fabulous and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Happy fall!!!