Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crock Pot Pleaser #1: French Dip

Submitted by Linda
During the Fall I always get inspired to use my crock pot more regularly, because I'm back to school, and also because Fall gets me thinking about home cookin'. The crock pot can be the workhorse of our kitchen - who doesn't want to come home to a meal that's practically ready?

Several weeks back, I tried a new crock pot recipe, and mentioned it on facebook. So many gals commented, asking about the recipe. It actually wasn't too great, but I realized that women are often looking for 'sure thing' recipes. So I decided to start sharing some of the great crock pot recipes I've discovered over the years. This recipe for French Dip sandwiches (from my Aunt Grettie in Nebraska) is a hit at our house, and always tastes good the next day in tacos. And it requires very few ingredients!
I watch my grocery ads to find tri-tip roasts on sale. The package above was $2.97 per pound, and I found some more this week for $2.49. When it's on sale, I would suggest you stock up and freeze some. Before freezing it, I like to trim off the fat, so that when I want to quickly throw the ingredients into my crock pot, it's all ready.
Here is the final product: a beautiful sandwich complete with au jus and some fresh Lays chips!
Here is the recipe:

French Dip

3 - 5 lb. roast (the one pictured above was just over 2 pounds)
1 pkg. Good Seasons Italian Dressing
1 can Beef Consomme soup
1 soup can water

Put roast in slow cooker, add consomme, water and salad dressing mix. Cover and cook for 10 - 12 hours. Remove meat and shred. Serve on French rolls with small dishes of au jus for dipping.


Sally said...

Sounds good...we have a recipe I used to bake called "24 Hour Roast" that is similar to that and now make it in the crockpot.

Leslie said...

I have a similar recipe. It's always a hit. Thanks for sharing your variation of it.

Have you seen the blog "A Year of Crock Potting"?

Or "Quick-and-Easy-Crock-Pot-Recipes"?

Both have some pretty good recipes. Check out day #293 in the Year of Crock Potting. YUM!!! :-)

Wesley and Katie Kouba said...

that sounds so good right now! I wish I had tri-tip in Virginia. I will have to try it with something else though. Thank You!

Ami, Bob, Jack, and Luke said...

Made it last night and my picky husband loved it! And I loved how EASY it was to make! Thanks for sharing!