Sunday, October 25, 2009

APU Homecoming 2009!

Submitted by Linda
This past weekend was APU's homecoming weekend, which is one of Craig's biggest events of the year. I was excited to go this year, because I am an alum, but also am a mom of a freshman!

This year, I opted out of the typical APU shirt, and ordered a custom glitzy shirt and here it is! The picture doesn't do it justice - but people loved it. I used the same gal I used earlier in the fall for my new school shirts. Click here for more info.
Here I am with Tommy and my niece Kari, who is also a student, getting in line for the In-n-Out Burger Truck!
Here's Craig and his brother, Jon, with Tommy and his buddy Jake. I think it's cute that Craig and Jon opted to wear the same APU shirts!
I didn't see too many of my classmates this year, but I always like going, especially to show support for all of Craig's hard work. Plus, who can resist an In-n-Out Burger?

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