Monday, October 12, 2009

Annual Oak Glen Outing

Submitted by Linda
My niece Tiffany always organizes a Wallace family outing to Oak Glen in the Fall. My husband and his siblings grew up in Cherry Valley, where their father was a rancher. They have fond childhood memories of the apple orchards, particularly here at Parrish Ranch.
Look at these beauties!!
Nothing says "Fall" like a big pile o' pumpkins.
I have never been good at snapping a self portrait (like all the teenagers do) but I took this one today, and I think we look pretty cute!
We went up the road a bit to Los Rios Ranch, where we set up our picnic in this beautiful landscape- and they guys and kids started a football game.
One special treat today was seeing this huge flock of geese flying south. The picture doesn't do it justice (I just aimed my camera up, and this is what I got). There were hundreds of them, way up high, flying in beautiful formations.
An impromptu picture of our group!
The weather was perfect, and we are thankful for time with our family!

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Dave & Andrea said...

Great pictures! Dave and I had such a great time.... can't wait until next year!