Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Kind of Party (Part II)

Submitted by Linda
Well, it seems I've finally come up for air from the craziness of starting a school year. I always forget how much has to be done, and how little my kindergartners are when they begin their elementary school experience. I've got a neat class of students, and hopefully they will provide some humorous fodder for the blog this school year.

Every September, we are invited to a cousin's home in Carlsbad for our annual Wallace Family Gathering, which is the perfect respite after working hard to prepare for students and begin the teaching year.

Now, I realize that Michelle used this blog title for her post about a beautiful party she attended, but I couldn't help myself from using it again. It so perfectly expresses my sentiments about the party and our family members who host it each year. Pictured below is cousin Julie. She, along with her family, choose a theme and work to implement it in the invitation, menu, decor, etc. This year's theme was "East Meets West" (an Asian theme), as a tribute to all the travels and mission work that many of the Wallaces have done throughout Asia. Julie is at the "check in" table, welcoming everyone and giving away prize tickets.
The menu was amazing- a guy making sushi, chinese chicken salad, grilled shrimp and chicken on skewers, Korean BBQ, and so on. It was a beautiful spread, with various stations set up around the pool area. Here is my sis-in-law, Linda, with her grandaughter Emma.One of the highlights of the day is seeing our faraway family. Pictured below, with Craig, is his Uncle David, sporting the Wallace plaid. He officiated our wedding, so he holds a special place in our hearts. I'd love to talk my boys into wearing the Wallace plaid at their weddings. So far, the big sword that they would get to wear is not enough of an enticement to get them into a kilt.
Each year, a photographer is on hand to take family pictures. This one was snapped with my camera- I'm hoping the real one works out for our Christmas card.
Here are my boys on the putting green, torturing their cousin Sam.
After a sweet time of sharing family stories (in a group of about 80), and singing some favorite hymns together, it was time to go. I snapped this picture in the early evening, after the food was put away, and the kids were all out of the pool. What a beautiful setting. I'm so inspired by the generosity and hospitality of our hosts. We are already looking forward to next September.

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