Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Hot To Cook

Submitted by Michelle
It is August. It's hot. There is no way I want to turn on the oven and yet I have an overload of potatoes that have been coming in my farm box. What's a girl to do? Fire up the grill, that's what!

Lately in my box I've had a large variety of fingerling and new potatoes of all shapes and colors. I also have what I believe to be purple leeks, or maybe they are extremely large and extremely purple spring onions, either way I've got lots of them too. And from my own herb garden I am happy to report that my thyme is thriving despite the 100+ temperatures we have been having for most of the summer.
I decided to combine all 3 ingredients and cook some potatoes on the grill to go with our BBQ chicken dinner. I started with some heavy duty aluminum foil and I sliced and scattered the leeks over it.
I par-cooked the potatoes, cut them in half and combined them with the thyme in a large bowl. I also added salt and pepper and olive oil. I did not put the leeks in, thinking I wanted them all on the bottom of the foil so they would cook and caramelize being the closest vegetable to the heat. (In hindsight, I should have just combined them with the potato mixture. They got a little overdone during the grilling process.)
Once all the ingredients were well combined, I placed it all on top of the leeks, wrapped it up nice and tight and put it on the grill.
About 20 minutes later I had these tasty babies!
They made a great side dish, my house didn't get overheated, and the clean-up was minimal - throw out the foil! That's my kind of summer cooking!

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