Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Found Friends

Submitted by Michelle

Three years ago when I first joined Stampin' Up!, I did it only so that my friend Rachel could have enough new recruits to receive an award at convention. I didn't think I'd try to sell anything, and I didn't even think my own purchases would be enough to reach the quarterly minimums for sales. But, Linda convinced me to have a workshop at her house and from that workshop the Claremont Stamp Club was born and now here I am, a full fledged demonstrator who attends convention!!!

There are lots of perks being a demonstrator: discounts on stamps, free stuff, convention, etc., but the BEST perk by far are the relationships I have developed. The most recent is my new friend Carrie.
Carrie and her family recently moved to the desert from Michigan. (Can you say culture shock??) Carrie was a Stampin' Up! fan in Michigan and before she moved to California she looked online for a demonstrator in La Quinta. She found me (yay!) and after several e-mails we finally met on Thursday when she and her daughter Samantha attend my Stamp-A-Stack.

It is amazing all of the things that Carrie and I have in common: We both enjoy cooking and baking, we both love to stamp, we both have dachshunds, and oddly enough, the town Carrie moved from in Michigan is called Utica and my dad was born and raised in Utica, New York!

Carrie has two children and her youngest, Samantha, will start her junior year of high school on Monday. Since Samantha doesn't have any friends in La Quinta yet, I introduced her to Giselle, the sister of one of my former kindergarten students. They met up in my classroom yesterday and seemed to hit it off.
Giselle and Samantha
It always makes my heart happy to find front row worthy friends and I love how Stampin' Up! has helped me to develop relationships with people that I might not have otherwise met.

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