Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Salt Lake City - Day 1

Submitted by Michelle
Greetings from Salt Lake City! I'm attending the annual Stampin' Up! convention and though today wasn't even an "official" convention day, I'm having a great time.

The theme this year is "Inspire, Create, Share" and I really hope that is what I can do not only for my customers, but for my Kindergarten students and my Front Row Friends as well.
My only objective today was to check in and get my bag of goodies. I am happy to say that goal was accomplished before lunch time even though I slept in and took my time getting ready this morning. In my super cool canvas bag I received: 4 stamp sets, 1 wheel, a catalog, a mini catalog, and a cool magnetic pin to wear on my name badge that says "Inspire, Create, Share."
After my sole objective was completed I took my time wandering the convention center and checking out all the samples. There were TONS of presentation boards with card samples.

Everything from Christmas...
to patriotic... (I love that Uncle Sam in the middle!)
to scrapbook pages. (Of course there were lots of birthday and baby and thank you and any other occasion possible, too.)
Another objective I have while I am here is to get my photo taken with the co-founder/owner of Stampin' Up!, Shelli Gardner. Though I didn't achieve that objective today, I did talk to and get a photo of Shelli's mom, Pat.
She was working on stenciling a wall. (Yes people, stencils are back!) That's the neat thing about convention; over the course of the next 3 days presentation walls will be created by the good folks at Stampin' Up and we demonstrators get to watch as the process unfolds. It helps us see the possibilities and also teaches us to use items in the catalog in a variety of ways.

Along with taking photos I talked with lots of enthusiastic demonstrators, some old friends, some new. It is great being in a positive and friendly environment where everyone shares a common interest of paper crafting. I'm sure I will get loads of new ideas from all the creative ladies that I meet.

Linda likes to say that we "spread joy and sunshine" wherever we go. Hopefully I will not only spread joy and sunshine this week, but I will be inspired to create lots of new things to share with you!

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Veronica said...

How exciting to be there .... have fun and enjoy Stampin!