Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Note to Self: Back Up Computers!

Submitted by Linda
This boring picture shows you my big Mac (or "computie mac" as my boys say). My computer is set up in the converted closet of our T.V. room. We installed a desktop and drawers, and we can close the closet doors and hide the mess if we want to.

I bought this computer in October of 2007, so it is almost two years old. You folks who follow the blog know that this past spring, I scanned a jillion photos and created a DVD of Tommy's life for his high school graduation.

As time passed, I began to worry about my computer crashing (even though it seems so new), and losing all my photos. I had some of them on cds, but not many. Craig bought me a Maxtor external hard drive, and my Mac guru and Stampin Up friend Rachel came over and helped me back up last April.

Fast forward to August 19, when I booted up my computer to find the horrible symbol of a file folder with a flashing question mark (which means, "I can't find the hard drive- You should start to panic!") After a call to Apple Care, leaving my computer at the Apple Store for repair for a week, I plugged in my computer to start all over. On one hand, it was nice to have a computer with no junk loaded onto it (ie: my boys' random downloads, and their music choices, etc.). On the other hand, it was so sad to see an empty Iphoto.

Well, Rachel came over again to help me see if Maxtor did his job. We dropped my photo library back into Iphoto and it all appeared, as if by magic!!!! I'm surprised that some of you didn't hear us whooping and hollering and high-fiving! I was so relieved and pleased. (And most of the pictures from April through August were still on my camera, or uploaded to CVS photo).

During the week when "Computie Mac" was getting it's new hard drive, Rachel did the legwork to learn that the Maxtor drive didn't have enough memory to work with my "Time Machine" program, which automatically backs up EVERYTHING. She found me (and herself) the best deal around, ordered it for me, and it was ready to go on the day we booted up for the first time since the crash. Within 10 minutes, the "Time Machine" program was doing it's work, and now I'm backing up without having to worry about it. This time it will all be backed up- my Microsoft word docs, itunes, everything!

*If you are a Mac person, I can give you more info on the drive that I bought, and how to get started.
*If you are a PC person, find someone SOON who can help you make it happen.
*There are many options-burn a cd, put stuff on a flash drive, find a website that does it for you.

But, don't wait. I feel so lucky and blessed that I had backed up just a few months before the crash.

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