Sunday, August 23, 2009

Linda's Dream Come True

Submitted by Linda
Those of you who know me, know that I've been wishing for a Mini Cooper since they first emerged on the scene back in the days of "The Italian Job". Over the years, we've only had a few cars, because we are the type of people who keep their cars forever! And the cars we have had, have all been purchased used (except for a new minivan we purchased when they boys were teeny tiny- it must have been about 15 years ago).

Lately, I've found myself rumbling around town in our current minivan all by myself. The boys have both ended up with their own cars, and suddenly, the van is only useful for the youth group's weekly beach trip. During my life as a van-driving mom, I loved the van features (no console between the two front seats, so you can climb back and unbuckle a car seat), and I can't tell you how many times we needed the 8th seat that our good old Astro van had. I have such happy memories of our van full of kids, on the way somewhere, laughing and talking and spilling food in the cracks and crevices. In that van, we had the sex talks, the God talks, and other deep discussions as I was driving the boys here and there. Both of our vans have really served us well.

Enter "Cash for Clunkers"! Today Craig headed down to the dealership to wheel and deal. We had shopped before, so I knew what I wanted: Red, no stripes, automatic transmission (so I can drink my iced tea and talk on the phone!) and the armrest in the middle (can you believe an armrest is an "extra"?) Craig knew that he could choose any other features he thought I (I mean "we") need. I'm thrilled with what he chose: the Ipod function, bluetooth deal (so my phone calls go through the radio), a bunch of extra horsepower (it really zips!)
Here I am in it, SO excited and pleased!
Here's the 'suh-weet' interior with the modern yet retro knobs and dials. Love it!

Just for the record, I won't be offering it for the youth group to borrow. And I'm feeling like this is one of the cool upsides of approaching the empty nest era of my life.

Now I need your help. I don't want vanity plates, but I do want to get a custom license plate frame with a cute and clever caption. Any ideas??????


Dave & Andrea said...

it is sooooooo cute!!! Fits you perfectly

Veronica said...

I love it! How about PIZZAZZ ...? It is not too much, it fits perfectly.