Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Submitted by Linda
This week my parents celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary! What an accomplishment in this day and age. They spend time together playing tennis, solving the Jumble Puzzle in the paper every day, and helping me out with my various home improvement or craft projects. We joke with them about being "connected at the hip", but in reality, they are a wonderful example of how to do marriage well. Craig's parents also made it 54 years, before his dad passed away. What a great legacy for us and our boys.
Here they are, August 28, 1955. They said that it was boiling hot that day and the church wasn't air-conditioned.
Here they are, 54 years later, celebrating with our family at Black Angus.
Well, I certainly could not have given my folks a store-bought card for such a big occasion, so I copied this card that I saw at my friend Rachel's house.
I believe these are some of the new "in-colors".
My mom loves the purples, pinks and greens, so I changed the color scheme.
The flowers are cut out with the Stampin' Up Big Shot die cutting machine.
On a side note: My parents lost their first home in a tornado in Nebraska and my mom's wedding gown was recovered miles away. Since it was too damaged to preserve, she has it hanging on a beautiful hook in their bedroom. It looks beautiful hanging on the wall, and I'm sure she enjoys seeing it often.

I hope Craig and I make it 54 years, and I certainly hope we look as youthful as they do!

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