Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Clean-Up: Join in the Fun

Submitted by Linda
So, when I said "join in the fun", I didn't really mean fun. But it is fun for me to have closets and cabinets that are functional and not jam-packed. I have mentioned The Flylady before, (she can be your 'personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home'). I have found the flylady's website to be very helpful. If you're interested, click here . One suggestion that transformed my clutter was her "you can do anything in 15 minutes" strategy. This idea is to set a timer (especially for those tasks we procrastinate doing) and work for 15 minutes. Often we can get the job done, or make a big enough dent that we are determined to finish. The 15 minute thing also can keep us from emptying our entire closet, and then getting totally overwhelmed (the 15 minute strategy would suggest we just do the pants today, or tops, etc.)

Well, my task for today was our expired medications. According to our pharmacy, our family does not take very many medicines, compared to other families. However, those bottles of unused pills (prescription and non) really accumulate in our house. This pile on the floor of my kitchen is all the expired stuff.
Once I had it sorted, I wondered how to dispose of it all, since it could be considered "hazardous waste". A web search suggested that flushing it down the toilet/putting it down the sink could pose environmental problems. Throwing them in the trash could also be bad. The best option is to find out if your local trash service or pharmacy will dispose of it safely. When I called my pharmacy, they suggested I add some dirt or sand to the drugs (to help it decompose, I'm guessing) and throw it in the trash.

I will admit that it took me more than 15 minutes, but now my cabinet is sorted and I discovered that I'm well-stocked on Tylenol and Claritin. Here are the few medicines my family needs everyday:
You may not need to clean out your medicines: But if you have a cabinet or closet that is driving you crazy, try setting your timer for 15 minutes!

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