Friday, July 17, 2009

Bonnie's Flowers

Submitted by Linda
I have been part of a walking group for quite a few years now, with several other moms who are dear friends and have children close in age to my boys. As we have walked through the years, we have become great friends as we share life's ups and downs. One member of our group is Bonnie. Bonnie is an artist, known for her dough ornaments that you may have seen in the past at Claremont's Village Venture and the larger craft shows. For a while, her ornaments were selling at Macy's. She is in a Michael's book, and has even been featured on HGTV. It's amazing to imagine her making thousands and thousands of ornaments in her home and shipping them out! As time has passed, Bonnie has added other products to her line, including this charming and beautiful nativity set.
She sculpts each character and adds the pretty glaze and fires it. I love the gold accents!Well, last week our group decided to meet for coffee, and Bonnie brought everyone a couple of these ceramic flowers! Cute, cute, cute!!!! Every time I pull into my driveway now, I am greeted by these two!
If you'd like to see more of Bonnie's products, check out

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