Friday, June 12, 2009

Soup Cans Galore

Submitted by Michelle

A long while ago Linda gave me a big box of empty soup cans and said, "You should do a can class." The box sat and sat in my crafting closet until last week when I was trying to figure out what I could demonstrate at a meeting of Stampin' Up Demonstrators that I attend on a tri-monthly basis.

Linda originally came up with the concept of a can that you can put goodies or a gift card in, and the best thing is you can re-attach the lid with Crystal Effects and it will be as if the can were never opened. The lucky recipient can either use a can opener to see what is inside or pop the top if the can has a pull tab.

As usual I was prepping at the last minute and I would have never gotten finished if it weren't for my good friends Veronica and Val-Pal. Thanks, Ladies!

The only must have for this project is a Pampered Chef can opener. It opens cans without leaving a sharp edge and it gives you a nice lip around the sides.

I was a little worried that the other demonstrators would think my project was dumb but as usual I was being too hard on myself and under estimating my fellow stampers. They loved the cans and I got lots of nice compliments.

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Linda and Michelle said...

For the record, Rachel Stelzer gave me the original idea for the cans several years ago. I wish I knew who to thank for discovering the amazing adhesive powers of Crystal effects.
Michelle, the cans are GREAT!