Friday, June 19, 2009

Michael's Coupon: Must Have #1

Submitted by Linda
Tommy's 18th birthday was this past Monday. Since he'd been treated like the "golden child" for the past month, we decided to keep his birthday low key. When he woke up for "big breakfast" (bacon, pancakes, etc), I had set the table with the special plate and this Thomas the Tank plate. His first birthday was a Thomas theme, and I've kept that plate all these years. I'm sure that may make me a wacky mom - but I really enjoy the nostalgia!

Now, onto the real point of this entry: The Michael's Sunday ad with the 40% off coupon!!!!
I am pretty faithful about visiting my local Michael's once a week to redeem that coupon (oh dear - I think that may also put me in the wacky catagory). I believe we've commented before about using that coupon to buy 'contraband' stampin' or scrappin' supplies, and I've even converted Michelle to become a fan of Michael's (or "Miguel's", as she likes to say)!

But here is my suggestion for today:
Buy yourself a helium tank!
Look how cute and festive my table looks with 5 simple balloons! For me, having helium is kind of like having extra toilet paper on hand - I love having that stuff around! I have found it to be a nice touch to take a balloon or two to a colleague who's celebrating a birthday, or quickly blow some up to go to a birthday dinner.

The disposable helium tank comes with 30 assorted balloons and ribbon, and costs around $25.00. So with a coupon it's about $15.00. Think of all the fun you could have for 15 bucks!!!!
This picture was taken before Tommy and Nick inhaled all the helium. Those crazy kids!


Denise Hughes said...

Having helium on hand is hilarious. I love it! You've made a believer out of me.

PS> I love the yellow quilt in the background!

Denise Hughes :)

Anonymous said...

So can u reallly use a michaels coupon for a helium tank wow