Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kindergarten '09 Pool Party!

Submitted by Linda
I consider it a privilege to teach about 2 blocks from my home at a wonderful school. Because kindergarten is such a special time with students and parents, I always end up developing a bond with families. For some, I'm part of their first 'real' school experience.

Since I live so close to the school, I usually end the year by hosting a pool party for the students and their families. It is so fun so see the kids again, with their families and in a fun setting.

I love having the pool full of kiddos! (You can be sure I won't be going in the spa or pool until the filter has had some time to run.)
Here is Nick joining in the fun!
Here are some friends, enjoying the hot dog BBQ!
Before the party, my student Richard said to his mom: "I can't wait. I almost have forgotten what Mrs. Wallace looks like". And when it was over, Gillian said "That was so much fun, I got to see all my friends!" I so enjoyed my time with my little friends! Now I feel like we've officially kicked off summer vacation.
P.S. I used my helium tank again to put some balloons out in the front yard so that folks could find my home - another plug for helium!

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