Monday, June 8, 2009

High School Teacher Treat Bags

Submitted by Linda
Well, it's time for my final gift for the school year to the boys' teachers. I really believe the cello bag reigns, in terms of its low cost, ease of use, and cuteness factor. You may remember that in February I did some cute candy bars - click here to view.

This time, because I found the SKOR bars and STARBURSTs on sale several weeks ago, I added a Starbuck's gift card and put a silly pun on a tag:

Even though teachers don't make the 'bucks',
you are a 'star' and we hope you 'skor' a great summer vacation!

I'll admit it's a bit goofy, but at least they will know that they are appreciated. And I personally would never complain about chocolate and Starbuck's, especially when it's packaged in cellophane with cute red shred!!

On a side note, Michelle and I have both recovered from the Grad Party extravaganza! We both took giant naps on the Sunday following the party (mine was four hours!), and she mentioned that she is already dreaming of the menu for Nick's party for 2010. What a friend!

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