Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy "Half" Birthday

Submitted by Michelle
My good friend Lisa, and mother of Celeste, was born on December 15. Not the best time to throw a party being that it is in the middle of the holiday season. This year, I decided I would surprise her with a "Half" Birthday party on June 15. Though I couldn't get Lisa to commit to go out for a "casual dinner" on June 15, I was able to schedule it for June 16 and thus the Half Birthday celebration plans were under way.

I was able to keep the entire operation on the down low by using Lisa's friend Rachel as a contact person for inviting guests. I took care of menu and decor planning, and since the end of the school year was upon us, both Lisa and I were extremely busy and weren't spending lots of time together, hence I didn't spill the beans.

Everything went smoothly until the day of the party. I am teaching summer school and didn't have the entire day to prep so I was running way behind. Lucky for me, my good friend Veronica offered to come over early and help. She was a true lifesaver. I could have NEVER gotten everything done without her.

With dinner prep smoothly underway, I was feeling excited about the party and then I got a dreaded text message from Lisa. She was canceling our dinner plans!!! Fortunately Rachel was able to convince Lisa to keep her commitment to "hang out" with me and the surprise party went off without a hitch.

Lisa's family and friends made the party extra special. They all were good sports when I announced at dinner that we were going to go around the table and say what we appreciated about Lisa. They had wonderful stories to share and were so complimentary of Lisa and her giving personality.
I had a great time planning for the party. There was a banner, of course.
And party favors, compliments of Linda.
And somehow I managed to fit all 14 people around my dining room table.
Everyone had handmade place cards except Lisa. She got the super cute figurine in the picture below. It is hard to see, but the little girl is holding a wire balloon that reads, "Birthday Girl."
The menu consisted of:
tomato, basil and pecorino bruschetta
ceci bean bruschetta
tossed green salad
grilled vegetables
lemon spaghetti
shrimp and mushroom risotto
grilled chicken with pesto
mini orange and ricotta cheesecakes
assorted Italian cookies from Claro's
Limoncello & blueberry cooler
(In all the excitement of the party, I forgot to take a photo of the buffet table!)

I know Lisa enjoyed her party and felt very special, but oddly enough, I think it is me who got the most out of the event. I really loved being able to give back to my friend who does so much for others and never asks for anything in return. It was a terrific feeling to do something so special to honor her and in the end, my heart was very happy.

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Layla said...

What a fantastic idea to have a half birthday. My mother's birthday is the day after christmas I should throw her a half birthday.
P.S. The lemon spagetti sounds awesome for the summer months. :)