Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gift Card Holders

Submitted by Linda
May and June are kind of like December for teachers, in that we do our 'regular' lives, and then add a jillion extra events and projects to our workload. We won't even begin to talk about all the extras (graduations, weddings, end of year events, etc) that we all add to our personal lives.

Another similarity between May and December is that we teachers do a lot of 'gift giving'. Most of my colleagues do some type of 'thank you' gift for parent volunteers, as well as for colleagues who go beyond the call of duty.

I'm always looking for cute ways to upgrade gift cards, and here is a primo option!!!! I made these little purses while I was at Michelle's a few weeks back when we were doing our cooking marathon for the grad party (actually, she was cooking, I was making lists and crafting). My sister in law Renee had asked for an idea for gift cards for her helpers, and this is what SU consultant Michelle came up with!

The bag is made out of 3 'top note' die cuts, which are then attached to a chopped off, tiny white paper sack. It closes with velcro, and the punched flower is attached with Stampin' Up's cute new giant brads.

This top note may look familiar to you....it was seen on Valentine Treat Bags, and then at the Grad Party. The "Big Shot" die cutting system is available through Stampin Up, and is well worth the purchase price. All of the products are Stampin' Up, and if you want further info, contact Michelle.

Meanwhile, some folks are going to get a cute paper purse!

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