Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation Party: Part 6

Submitted by Linda
Yes, these M&Ms say "T-Dub Rocks" and "Congrats Tommy" and they were a big hit.
So, the party happened yesterday an it was GREAT! Before I post the actual party pics, I wanted to share some of the last minute preparations! Here is Michelle and Tommy in the early am, getting ready to BBQ the grilled veggies and the last of the pizza dough. Michelle and I got up early and didn't even take time to "put on our faces"! (Notice I didn't put up a pic of me make-up-less! Sorry Michelle!)

Now, all evening at the party people commented that Michelle and I were such a good team (me the detail planner, she the gourmet chef), but our team wouldn't work without my husband Craig. On the day of the party, he woke up and said, "Today is going to be a fun day, because we get to do all the detail work and fine tuning". He truly sees things that need to be done that I would never notice (wiping down screens, cleaning cracks and crevices, sweeping everywhere), and this is a great gift to a woman who entertains. I didn't have to worry at all about the exterior of the house, and I knew that he would take care of setup and tear down. Here is a photo of him on party day, trimming up the palms.
Here are some of the fruits of his labors........
After the yard was in ship-shape, he set up the tables and umbrellas......
Here are the real heroes! These ladies worked on their feet from about noon until 9pm, finishing up details, then refreshing platters and refilling dishes, then collecting dirty dishes and washing it all up. Pictured below is Valarie, Michelle, Lisa and her mom Yoli (who drove together from LaQuinta to help out). I was so amazed with all the great help I had. I definitely will plan to going to LaQuinta sometime to repay the favor. We could NOT have done it without all of our helpers. THANKS, LADIES!
I'm posting a photo of part of our drink area. We served Paradise ice tea and lemonade, but the most fun was the Italian sodas (Pellegrino and flavored syrups). The high school kids especially enjoying making their own nice drink.
Notice also, the directions listed on the nice white "top note" card. Those were punched out with Michelle's SU die cutting machine.

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