Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduation Party: Part 5

Submitted by Linda (with Michelle)

Well, after a full day of cooking and party prep, we've decided that having a catering or party planning business would be hard work. We've both been on our feet all day, cooking and chopping and prepping and having a ball doing it together.

I prepped the mini pizza dough on the grill...tomorrow folks will create their own pizza and we'll grill it again!
Meanwhile, Michelle was frying up our cubanelle peppers. These are special peppers for our sausage dish that Michelle worked very hard to find!

Michelle's Val Pal was on hand, frosting sugar cookies!
I wish I had a photo of all my helpers... Amy who's dipping strawberries, Mom who arranged flowers, Jill and Beth who rolled silverware, and Craig who laid carpet, planted flowers, and got the DVD working so we can show the video.

So now it's about 10:15 and we are tired. On my kitchen table are some of the fruits of our labors (which tomorrow will be transformed into the buffet!)
Here's Craig's workbench area, covered with serving pieces and rolled silverware....

Here's the garage, with more stuff in it!

Tomorrow this will all be cleaned up and transformed into a party! Is anybody wondering if we can pull it off???? Stay tuned......

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~ Lucy said...

Well?! How did it go? I can't wait to see the pix and hear all about it.