Thursday, May 21, 2009

Farming In Kindergarten

Submitted by Michelle

Each Spring I plant flower and lettuce seeds with my kinder kids. They enjoy watching things grow and I enjoy teaching them about the growth cycle of plants. We aspire to have a full blown garden spot like Linda has at her school, but for now we grow things in big pots.

Yesterday it was time to harvest our butter leaf lettuce and make a salad. Jiovanni assisted me while I cut the lettuce. He has a great smile, don't you think?
I brought cucumber, radish and grated carrots from home to add to the salad and preached the virtue of eating foods of different colors because it is good for you and it looks pretty! We topped it with Ranch dressing and every one got a taste of salad to enjoy.
Here are a few of my cuties enjoying their nutritious snack.

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