Sunday, May 3, 2009

Deal of a Lifetime

Submitted by Linda
Here is my youngest, Nick with his brand new, hot-off-the-press California driver's license. What a milestone!

Ever since he got his learner's permit, he's been dreaming the dream of a car (just like every teenage boy). I've barely seen my van this entire week of his being a licensed driver. And he's been very willing to run any errands needed - I'm sure that won't last.

The short version of a long story, is that my dad (pictured below right) was gifting my brother Larry (pictured at left) with his Cadillac this weekend. In order to bypass the red tape of sales tax, Dad actually 'sold' it to Larry for $1. Uncle Larry (who is one of the most generous uncles ever), decided to offer Nick his car, if Nick would pay Grandpa the dollar owed to him!

Nick pulled out his wallet at warp speed!!! Pictured below is Larry with his new keys, Nick with his new keys, and Grandpa with his dollar!
The actual car is not pictured.....because I haven't seen it, or Nick, since it became his. It is a nice Buick Regal, with chrome wheels, sunroof, great stereo, and a turbo charged engine. I wonder how long it took for him to discover that turbo charged engine..........

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Gail Wallace said...

Thanks for the warning that Nick is on the road!