Friday, May 15, 2009

C-Mont Club

Submitted by Michelle
The third Friday evening of every month is my stamp club in Claremont. Most of the ladies in the group have been with me since I first started as a demonstrator with Stamping Up. I didn't know any of them personally when I started, but over the 4 years that I've been stamping with them, they have all become great friends. I look forward to seeing them each month and hearing updates on what is happening in their lives.

For our club tonight, I've created these 3 cards.
I like them all, but this one is my favorite.

Claremont Club also gives me a chance each month to see Linda and her family. Nicky is always willing to give up his room so I have a place to sleep and sometimes Tommy has a new favorite food to share with me. Last time I visited he introduced me to the chorizo, egg, cheese and potato breakfast burrito from the Route 66 Diner. It's a heart attack all wrapped up in a flour tortilla, but boy is it good!

Linda and I usually craft or watch Pride and Prejudice or go to Michael's and check the dollar spot ribbon, but this month we are devoted to planning the menu for Tommy's graduation party. With her energy and my love of food, we should be able to put together a feast for T-Bone's big day.

I can't wait to hit the road later this morning and get to my home away from home.

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