Friday, April 3, 2009

A Surprise Visitor!

Submitted by Linda
Since today was our last school day before Easter, we had a surprise visitor in our classroom. The kids were so excited to see the Easter bunny (in fact, I lost all semblance of control when she came in the classroom). After school, I heard one of my kindergarten friends telling his mom, "We saw the real Easter bunny today!" Each child was given a treat, and then had their photo taken with the bunny. These three friends pictured above were too frightened to stand by the bunny alone, so I persuaded them to be in a picture together with me and the bunny. My friend Gillian, in the red jacket, has said before, "I don't like characters", so I was proud of her and the others for being brave enough to stand by the bunny for a pic.

This is one more reason why kindergarten is the "happiest place on earth"!

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