Thursday, April 9, 2009

Redemption in the Linen Closet

Submitted by Linda
I probably should be embarrassed to post this for all of you to see, but in honor of Holy Week and making "all things new", I decided that I absolutely positively HAD to deal with my linen closet. For those of you who know me, I am 95% organized and keep my home pretty much in order. That 5% always catches up with me - I'm not always good at putting things away.

I learned a ton from my mom who is "BO" (born organized) and from the flylady (I've mentioned her before - she helps people declutter 15 minutes at a time, and really helped me stop buying uneeded 'stuff'). Click here to check out the flylady's website.

This closet houses linens, gift wrapping (boxes, gift bags, tissue, and ribbon), candles and vases. I now have easy access to my cello bags, shred, and ribbon! The good news is I ended up with a nice pile for the Goodwill, and now my linen closet looks like this!

Now I've accomplished at least one thing over Spring Break!!!!!

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