Monday, April 20, 2009

A Project 18 Years in the Making

Submitted by Linda

My objective over spring break was to learn how to use Imovie, and create a DVD for my son Tommy's high school graduation. Once I got all my old photos scanned, it was really pretty easy. My sister in law Renee helped me get the ball rolling, and my friend Rachel helped me do some trouble-shooting along the way.

I fell in love with Baby Tommy and Toddler Tommy and Little Tommy all over again. I actually think making a video like this serves as some sort of therapeutic process for mommies who are approaching the time when a child leaves home.

The video I created for his party is 16 minutes long with music, but I thought a 2 minute version may be a little more 'viewable' for those of you who may want to take a peek. In this movie, you'll see Tommy's school pictures, along with the pictures of him with his brother Nick by the front door on the first day of school.

For those of you who may be embarking on a similar project: My best discovery is that Costco will transfer 40 negatives onto a CD for $2.99 in an hour. Trust me, that is much easier than scanning from prints!

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Veronica said...

Linda - I seriously want to cry.... this is beautiful! I can only imagine all the mixed feelings you must be having. However, you must feel so proud watching your son graduate. Congratulations to Tommy, your husband, and you. :-)