Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Mischief!

Submitted by Linda
I'm not a fan of lying to kindergartners, but now and again I find myself spinning tales about the tooth fairy, Santa or during March, the famous leprechauns! So nearly every March, I make these cute leprechaun hats and take them to school with a big story prepared: "I heard tap, tap noises...I ran front lawn was COVERED with these hats.....who do you think left them?" and so on. My students spend their entire day looking and listening for clues. Here's my big pile of hats. I like this picture because you can see our cute barnyard in the background.
So, how to make them? Bake cheap styrofoam cups at 300 degrees for about 2 minutes. You'll want to watch through your oven window to make sure they don't shrink down too much. (In past years, they baked for only 1 minute...I'm guessing that the stryofoam is now stronger or more heat resistant. If yours are older they make shrink down faster). I love how every single hat turns out differently!Here's the big box of hats I made for all my kindergarten colleagues to hand out to their little friends. There's 100 hats in here!

Next I added a ribbon hat band and a shamrock sticker!
I think they're really cute and would also work well for St. Patty's Day party favors. By the way, if you know any of my kindergarten friends, please don't tell my secret!

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