Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Submitted by Linda
I make every effort to "hit a home run" with these blog entries (which is why it is so helpful when you make comments about what you like). But when we don't feel like we have anything "blog-worthy" to post, or if we're super busy with our regular lives, I wonder if it's fun for you to see what we're up to.

This time of year at my school I am beginning the season of applying our learning with big projects and wonderful crafts, all for our Open House which is at the end of May. I also am the mother of a graduating senior, so I'm beginning work on a video for his party (very time consuming, but definitely a labor of love). I've been joking with folks about feeling a bit like a "rat on a wheel", going in circles but never getting anywhere. My friend Debbie suggested I find a different metaphor, so maybe I'll visualize myself on a marathon, slowly making progress on a long run!

Anyway, here is a quick glimpse of kindergarten:
My colleague Anna is pulling Katelyn out of class to transplant radishes and lettuce that the students planted in seed form. We're hoping our garden will peak in late May.
Here you can see our flourishing sweet peas. We planted these seeds in November, and when Spring comes, I'm always so glad we did!The first bloom of sweet peas! These flowers make me almost as happy as my new lilac bush!

On a side note: pictured below are my sweet peas in my home garden. I did plant them a little later than the ones at school, but they certainly look pretty pathetic. I'm guessing I need to upgrade my soil next fall before I plant.Both at home and at school, Craig hung netting for the sweet peas to climb up. It works like a charm - they climb right up.

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